The last of us pc

Adventure action game in the convention of post-apocalyptic survival horror, created by the Naughty Dog development studio known primarily from the Uncharted series with the support of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Last of Us Crack PC Download is an interactive survival horror combining a dynamic action game with delicate adventure elements. The action takes place in the near future, 20 years after the mysterious plague decimated our civilization.

Abandoned cities have taken possession of plants and mutated victims, and surviving people are fighting for food and weapons. The plot revolves around two heroes - a year-old smuggler of weapons and drugs named Joel and teenage orphan Ellie - and focuses on their attempts to survive in this terrifying reality.

During most of the stages, you play the role of Joel, while his companion is guided by artificial intelligence. Ellie supports us in the fight, as well as informs us about the imminent danger, or even suggests a path that we should follow. In the game world, we will face many opponents, both ordinary people and victims of infection by the vapors of deadly fungi.

At our disposal was given the opportunity to use a firearm, through which you can kill an opponent even with one accurate shot. In addition, there are also elements of the environment such as bricks or wooden legs from the table. Apart from fighting, in production we will also come across adventure and skill elements that use the abilities of both heroes. The game also included a simplified system of crafts, allowing the creation of useful items from materials found during the game.

The Last of Us Torrent PC has an advanced artificial intelligence system called the balance of forces by the creators. It makes the enemies react dynamically to the constantly changing situation during the fight, hiding behind obstacles or wisely using the numerical advantage over the player.

They are also aware of the lethal force of firearms and therefore become more cautious when we show that we have a gun or rifle. In addition to the single player campaign, the authors also prepared an extensive multiplayer mode. There are two types of gameplay available: "Fight for stocks" and "Survivors". What distinguishes them is the number of lives available in each round.

During "Struggle for wrestling" we can die several times, while in "Survivors" we play only until the first death. An interesting variety is also the possibility of using a craft system known from single player mode. The game was created on a beefed up engine known from Uncharted 3. Thanks to that, we can enjoy the eyes of graphics at the highest level, rich in details and very smooth, realistic animations of the characters.

the last of us pc

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the last of us pc

May 13 Download links Subscribe to our You Tube channel to unlock access to game download links. Check other games. About CPY. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. Search for Cracks Search for:. Problems with setup? If the Windows Defender window pops up, click More info. Then click Run anyway. Last games. Roblox filmy online.Are you looking to know about Last of Us PC for this year? If so, then you no need to know about Last of Us 2 PC download. What do you need to know about the Last of Us 2 PC download s?

Keep scrolling!! The Last of Us PC download is a survival horror game that combines both features of dynamic action game and elements of other soft adventure.

At first, this game was developed and published by studio naughty dog.

the last of us pc

One of the developers of this game is a creator of big hits. After that, there are so many changes happened in these days, where the plague was killed. In addition to that, the ghost towns overgrown plants and as well as some victims of plague are turned into some mutated creatures. There are so many games available to play on a platform PlayStation 4 hit and the Last of Us is one of the survival games. Some of the games to play on PlayStation 4 hit are a naughty dog, voice actor Nolan north, and so on.

The Last of Us 2 download pc is one of the games, but actually, it was in the development stage. As I said before, the Last of Us is a kind of survival game and now, it is called as Last of Us part 2. This is designed to follow the story of Ellie and as well as Joel. But, in this latest version of Last of Us game, you will see a grown Ellie young woman. The characters of this young woman are playing a mournful song on the guitar and she is also an angry woman too. There are one more roles in the Neil Druckman, who is a lead writer of this latest version of Last of Us 2.

We all know the theme of the first version of the game such as love and feeling of Joel grows to feel for Ellie. In the second part of Last of Us game, you will continue to the end of the first version of the game. And, the creative director of the game Last of Us said that there are so many directions occur in the story of Last of Us in the interview section with PlayStation magazine. When it comes to the things to carry, the decision was made to keep only fewer things in the part of Last of Us version 2.

In this case, the Joel carries a standard revolver, but not like as science fiction weapon. But, there is no clear idea about the infections on the dead people.

However, the most important change that you will see is, an Ellie is a primary playable character in the gameplay not like as a Joel. While coming to the end of the Last of Us game, Joel will save the Ellie for the sake of cure and as well as eliminates the beating of the virus. When the Joel takes his brother to the wilderness camp, Joel will immediately lie to the Ellie in the gameplay.

Here, he will tell to lies for events at the fireflies outpost, shooting the leader of the fireflies, events of finding a cure and so on.

Therefore, in the end of the game, Ellie know the truth about lies of Joel, but she will forgive the Joel.It came packaged with fantastic puzzle design, crunchy combat and an unforgettable narrative that is often brought up when debating the best video game stories ever written. Instead, it chose to tell a heartbreaking story about surviving in the grim reality of a post-apocalypse. For this reason and many others, it has become iconic, influencing a host of games that came after it in a multitude of genres.

Clearly, Naughty Dog learned a lot of lessons from The Last of Us and applied them here to weave emotion into the narrative, which deals with growing up, settling down and the tenuous bonds of family.

the last of us pc

A bombastic sayonara that takes the player from Scotland to the lost city of Libertalia, if you want action Uncharted 4 has got it in droves, with the inclusion of the grappling hook invigorating the clever combat. The story is centred around mourning and grief and shares a kinship with The Last of Us despite being totally different, gameplay-wise. If you missed it back inthe game is headed to Switch on May 28, so you can check it out on the move.

The Last Of Us PC Gameplay [PS NOW]

Again, the protagonist is played by Troy Baker Joel in The Last of Us and follows his attempts to rescue a younger woman with world-bending powers from a Utopia grounded in American exceptionalism. Go on, bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt! A father figure and a young girl trying to survive in the post-apocalypse. You play Arthur Morgan, a renegade cowpoke who appears trapped by dogma in his lifestyle, only to be liberated and brought to question his surroundings by a cast of well-written and emotionally probing characters.

Having just dropped in May of this year, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a relatively recent addition to this list but a worthwhile one none-the less. It shares similar story beats to The Last of Us and you can tell its influence as soon as you play it.

It follows brother-sister combo Amicia and Hugo as they attempt to survive in a historic setting against hordes of horrible, plague-infested rats. Hugo is naturally quite the naive young lad, dependent on you to survive in this grim world of horrors.

The oppressive world really does work to make the protagonists feel helpless against the plague tide, which curates a grim dark atmosphere. Perhaps one for fans of The Last of Us looking for something a little darker, A Plague Tale takes what The Last of Us did right and steps boldly forward, injecting its own clever ideas. Its main relation to The Last of Us is the way in which it portrays a broken man struggling to come to terms with a new world.

With visuals that still hold up and a magnificent soundtrack to boot, you should certainly consider sticking your nostalgia goggles on and diving headfirst into this hidden narrative gem.

The middle child of the Metro series but arguably its apex, Metro: Last Light came out mere months before The Last of Us but channelled the same style of environment design. A far more lonely game than The Last of Us, Last Light relies more heavily on Survival Horror to curate its devastating atmosphere, with noises unexplained, radiation sickness and eldritch creatures all posing potent threats to the player. At first thought of as derivative of The Last of Us, Days Gone is another PS4 first-party exclusive that deals with the trouble of surviving a dangerous apocalypse, extrapolated into a wide open world.

In fact, Bend Studio conceptualized of it before The Last of Us hit, but it has since been tarred with the same brush of expectations given its cinematic style and setting. Upon release last month it received middling praise and is mainly reflective of The Last of Us in its gripping open-world ravaged by zombies, or freakers as protagonist Deacon St. John likes to refer to them.

Another third-person game where you control an emotionally stunted father trying to protect a subordinate that he consistently underestimates, God of War is a lot like The Last of Us, if not for the whole Norse setting and adrenaline-pumping boss battles with dragons.

Really, the shared DNA can be seen in the incredible storytelling and cinematic flair. God of War one-shot style is incredibly immersive and never lets up regardless of which ancient realm you find yourself in. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.An appalling world in which both the infected and other survivors are the enemy to beat to get scarce resources and to keep on living.

The Last of Us takes place in a hypothetical reality set in the future, 20 years later in time. A variant of the fungus cordyceps has mutated and, now, their spores do affect human beings, something that a BBC documentary showed that it is already happening with a species of Ant. These spores, in the case of ants, modifying their appearance and behavior, making them more violent.

And the game starts with the premise that this mutation has begun to affect the human being… The fungus settles in the head, and after a period of mutation, bursts it from inside but unfinished with the carrier. There are more types of infected, but no matter: our worst enemy will always be other humans, as we will discover soon well in the adventure.

As we have already warned, it is a world without mercy and each will do what you can to keep on living, even ending the neighbor… It is not more to warn whenever there are that, at first, the advance may be a little slow, away from the frantic development of, for example, an Uncharted.

But as we move, will learning to distract enemies by throwing objects in the other direction, to use bladed weapons melee, to create new artifacts molotov cocktails, explosive cans… and are gaining access to new weapons rifle, bow, shotgun, flamethrower…the range of possibilities is growing, and with it, our strategies are diversified. And not only that: the survivors take refuge in ciudades-gueto, protected by scarce military forces that remain, malviviendo as best they can.

Rationing primers are the basis of this new world, where the rats are a precious asset. And it is not their only merit… The plot and psychological design of all his characters are the pillars of the game.

By questions of embargoes and requests from developers, we can not enter into too much detail in some respects, but we will try to have the essential unpopped nothing. The protagonist, Joel, lives in one of these last remnants of humanity, a city fenced and closed to the outside, where he survives wheeling and dealing with supplies and weapons, both outside and inside the city, along with his classmate Tess. We will discover the reason throughout the journey, and at the express request of Naughty Dog cannot and mention it in this analysis.

That Yes, as you can imagine, the journey is complicated and extends more than expected, exactly close to a full year, time in which happens absolutely everything… and practically nothing good.

Nothing good from the point of view that we are going to live all the possible situations that you pass through the head: coming across groups of hunters who will try to kill us, flee infected groups in dark places illuminated only by the faint light of our flashlight, sharing part of the journey with other small groups of survivors or even visit a friend who survives only in the middle of the chaos so that you return a favor to us.

If we were to find a reference in terms of mechanical, something like TLOU, the clearer is the original Manhunt. As in the Rockstar game, here almost everyone is against us, both infected as human and the scarcity of resources, so stealth becomes our main weapon. Plundering the enemies from behind and finish them without making any noise tends to be more effective than shooting firearms, since the sound will attract others and, what is worse, will never walk very buoyant ammo.

Pistols or revolvers not pasaremos of the 20 bullets… Is more. With humans, the thing is different: we can from them neck, using them human shield to save knife… but they are also known to work as a team to surround ourselves better or hide, making it difficult to some fighting. And that not to mention their reactions to the weapons that we use tries to shoot them with a gun without ammo and see. Are you going to lose? Your email address will not be published.

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Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Sign In Remember Me. Lost Password Please enter your username or email address.The Last of Us is an activity experience survival frightfulness computer game created by Naughty Dog and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment on June 14, for the Microsoft Windows.

The player controls Joel voiced andmotion-caught by Troy Baker escorting the youthful Ellie Ashley Johnson over a post-whole-world destroying United States. The player utilizes guns, extemporized weapons and stealth to safeguard against unfriendly people andzombie-like animals contaminated by a transformed strain of the Cordyceps parasite.

The game is presently accessible for Microsoft Windows on GamesKnit. The populace has been destroyed. The United States government has crumpled long back. A quarter century the flare-up, deserted urban communities are gradually recovered by nature.

Meandering groups of survivors are murdering one another for sustenance, weapons, or whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a heartless survivor with couple of good lines left to cross, lives in one of the final Quarantine Zones. In spite of the strict military law, Joel works operating at a profit business sector of the city, pirating stash at the right cost.

Joel is asked by a withering companion to take care of Ellie, a fourteen-year-old young lady with mettle past her years. What begins as a straightforward occupation to convey Ellie to another Quarantine Zone, soon changes into a significant trip that will everlastingly change Joel and Ellie.

As they trek over a post-pandemic United States, Joel and Ellie will experience distinctive groups of survivors that have every discovered an extraordinary method for managing the contaminated people, the absence of supplies, and the danger of different survivors.

As Joel and Ellie battle to drive forward, they must figure out how to believe one another and cooperate with a specific end goal to survive the substances of this new world. At its center, The Last of Us speaks the truth the bond that structures in the middle of Joel and Ellie — it is the narrative of affection, unwaveringness and recovery.

UnZip Archive 2. Install game 5. Enjoy the game! Check System Requirements. For the best The Last of Us PC experience, however, we recommend having a system equal to or better than the following specifications:.

Remember Me Lost your password? Register Forgotten Password Cancel. Jan 08 About GamesKnit. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. Search GamesKnit. Search for:. Log In.This game is an adventure of two protagonists Joel and Ellie throughout post-apocalyptic America.

And today, Gurugamer. First, you need a mid-range computer to run the game well enough. With a mid-range PC with those features, you can experience this exciting adventure with Joel and Ellie. For instance, you also experience exciting fights and thrilling escapes as if you are playing on Play Station platforms.

Players will immerse in the adventure of the two protagonists through post-apocalyptic America with a realistic game world, vivid characters and monsters, and high-quality sound and graphics. This game features the trip of Joel and Ellie in the post-apocalyptic era in America. You will control Joel smuggler, who escort Ellie, a teenage girl to go through the post-apocalyptic era in the US.

Ellie and other companions are controlled by AI. But you can control Elite in the winter scene. Players can use both long and short-range weapons in fights base on the distance, including rifles, bows, and shotguns, etc. Some weapons like pipes, baseball bats are available in sudden combat, too. Besides, you can throw a bottle and stones to distract, stun, or knockdown enemies. Redeem items you take during the trip to upgrade your weapons. If you cannot find med-kits and Molotovs, the game lets you make them from items in your inventory.

When you are spotted by AI enemies, you can hide or call for help. In online multiplayer mode, you will play with seven other players in both co-operative and competitive matches.

You can choose one from three multiplayer game modes, including Supply Raid, Survivors, and Deathmatches. In these modes, players choose to play as Hunter or Fireflies with different missions.

Each match equals one day in this game. If you can survive after twelve weeks, you can switch your role.

The Last Of Us On PC: Just Play And Enjoy Your Adventure!

Back to September ofa fungus took over the cities, millions of infected people became evils. Survivors are murdering each other for necessities and weapons, whatever they need for surviving longer in this world. Joel, a brutal smuggler, and the brave and mature teenage girl Elite worked together to live and prolong their journey across America. Besides, this mastered version for PS4 has better quality with higher graphics resolution, enhanced lighting and shadows, and improved gameplay.

Besides, you should buy the licensed game on authentic sources, such as Amazon to get the qualified version. Trusting links of crack version from unreliable sources can bring you troubles, such as viruses or spyware. The discounted game costs you about Although this game was only launched for Play Stations platforms, you still can play it on your mid-range computer with PS Now emulator. CPU: Intel Core i3 or i5 dual core processor or better. RAM: 2 GB. Free Space: 14 GB. Direct X: Version 9.

Tags the last of us Emulator. Comments Sort by Newest Popular. View more comments. What Are They Doing?Players control Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl, Ellieacross a post-apocalyptic United States. The Last of Us is played from a third-person perspective. Players use firearms and improvised weaponsand can use stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

In the online multiplayer mode, up to eight players engage in cooperative and competitive gameplay. For the first time in the company's history, Naughty Dog split into two teams; while one team developed Uncharted 3: Drake's Deceptionthe other half developed The Last of Us. The relationship between Joel and Ellie became the focus, with all other elements developed around it.

Actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson portrayed Joel and Ellie respectively through voice and motion captureand assisted creative director Neil Druckmann with the development of the characters and story.

The original score was composed and performed by Gustavo Santaolalla. Following its announcement in DecemberThe Last of Us was widely anticipated. The Last of Us became one of the best-selling video games of all timeselling over 1. The game won year-end accoladesincluding multiple Game of the Year awards from several gaming publications, critics, and game award ceremonies, and is considered one of the greatest video games ever made. After the game's release, Naughty Dog released several downloadable content additions.

The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror game played from a third-person perspective. The player can use firearms, improvised weaponsand stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. For most of the game, the player takes control of Joel, a man tasked with escorting a young girl, Ellieacross the United States.

In combat, the player can use long-range weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and bows, and short-range weapons such as handguns and short-barreled shotguns.

The Last of Us version for PC - GamesKnit

The player is able to scavenge limited-use melee weapons, such as pipes and baseball bats, and throw bottles and bricks to distract, stun, or attack enemies. Equipment such as health kits, shivsand Molotov cocktails can be found or crafted using collected items.

Attributes such as the health meter and crafting speed can be upgraded by collecting pills and medicinal plants. Health can be recharged through the use of health kits. Though the player can attack enemies directly, they can also use stealth to attack undetected or sneak by them. Story collectibles, such as notes, maps and comics, can be scavenged and viewed in the backpack menu. The game features an artificial intelligence system by which hostile human enemies react to combat.