Antonov 225 crash afghanistan

Antonov An Mriya, generally considered the largest aircraft in the world, was spotted soaring the skies over Ukraine on March 25, The gigantic plane made several circles above northwestern Ukraine, before returning to the airport some two hours later. Antonov An Mriya - the world's biggest aircraft - is airborne again after more than 18 months on ground.

On March 19,the owner of the aircraft Antonov Airlines shared some pictures, showing the gigantic super transporter rolled to the GML runway.

Parkhomenko pic. Antonov An Mriya is the only example ever built. Developed at the end of the s for the Soviet space program, it flew for the first time in December Antonov revived it in to make very specific deliveries such as relief efforts after natural disasters.

For instance, it has transported aid to Haiti following the earthquake of and to Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of There are more than 17, commercial airports around the world. Those infrastructures that some of us call a second hom Brussels Airlines, a subsidiary of the German group Lufthansa, is expecting to receive aid from the Belgian state to all The low-cost British airline easyJet finally reached an agreement with Airbus to postpone the deliveries of 24 Aneo a Image : Sergey Kohl, shutterstock.

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Hidden twin of world's biggest aircraft AN-225 which has been lying unfinished for nearly 25 years

Antonov An Mriya spotted soaring skies. Share this news.


On this day inthe largest commercial aircraft, the Antonov An took off for the first time for a test flight. We look back at that day and some history of the six-engine aircraft. Mriya Antonov An Get Top AeroTime News. AeroTime Team on 12 th April The biggest airports in the world [Quiz] There are more than 17, commercial airports around the world.

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Please check your email and confirm subscription. Icon-like Created with Sketch.Originally developed to transport the Energiya carrier-rocket and Buran space shuttle, it has since garnered world records across a year period. Based on the AN design, the AN has similar loading capabilities as its forerunner cranes, winchesbut boasts a longer internal cabin Since its maiden flight on December 21,the AN has delivered heavy and outsize shipments across the globe.

It is scheduled to remain in service until at least It has been designed and manufactured by Antonov Airlines to load heavy and oversized pieces. It allows the loading and unloading of cargo with a maximum weight ofkglbs for AN and height of 4. Although the system is similar to the OPTGM ramp system, it allows the loading of higher, but lighter pieces.

Subject to vehicle dimensions and weight, cars can simply be driven onboard. The use of the double-deck loading system means that twice the floor area can be used for the accommodation of vehicles such as saloons, rally cars and certain types of 4 x 4s.

The ANA also contains an onboard crane system capable of lifting pieces weighing up to 10, kg 22, lb. Cargo loaded by this method must have suitable lifting points and a balanced CoG Centre of Gravity to safely load such pieces. Loading of general cargo using forklift — another simple method of loading. Forklifts can be used for loading and offloading of wooden pallets, small crates and similar items through the nose cargo door.

Forklifts are not the property of Antonov Airlines and are not carried on our aircraft, but they can provided locally with prior notice. Loading Equipment For oversize and heavy cargoes. Loading of oversized and super heavy cargoes with weight up to ,kg ,lbs — using OPTGM loading equipment and external cranes The OPTGM ramp system is the strongest and most rigid ramp system on the market.

Suitable for any type of container. Can be extended if necessary; Fully adjustable: can be used simultaneously with standard platforms 0.

Loading of tall pieces with height up to 4. Cargo parameters restricted to the following limits: Single cargo weight — 50, kglbs ; Max height 4. Loading can be carried out through the nose cargo door and offloading via the rear cargo door. Loading of general cargo using forklift Loading of general cargo using forklift — another simple method of loading.These remarkable photographs show the sister model of the world's largest aircraft which has been lying unfinished in a Ukraine warehouse for nearly 25 years following the Soviet Union's collapse.

But the huge cargo aircraft could soon rule the skies along with its counterpart - a similarly designed aircraft that was never finished after the start of its construction in The world's largest aircraft has a hidden sister stored in a warehouse pictured in Ukraine after lying unfinished since the halting of its construction following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Soon after Mriya's first successful flight the firm decided to build a second AN - which currently lies in pieces in a warehouse on the outskirts of Kiev. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in and as such their space program, production of the twin plane was halted three years later following the lack of funding. And soon after Mriya's first successful flight the firm decided to build a second AN - which currently lies in pieces in a warehouse on the outskirts of Kiev.

The first aircraft was made to carry parts for the proposed Russian space shuttle project but the company now hires out its massive jet to carry loads of up to tonnes - dwarfing the payload of any other aircraft. Antonov's An program director, Gennadiy Silchenko, however says finishing the build should be quite simple and remains optimistic that the company will get the second aircraft off the ground.

The aircraft was nearly finished in when China expressed an interest in completing the design, however they found it too difficult to transport the parts to the country so it never happened. Should it ever take flight, the second An would certainly cause a stir - if the admiration of its sister aircraft is anything to go by.

The massive aircraft was developed for the Soviet space programme shortly before the collapse of the Berlin wall. It is understood the massive visitor departed Brize Norton, pictured, for its next job in Greece.

More than 15, spectators came to Perth Airport in western Australia to witness Mriya arrive during a visit in May The aircraft's operator has opened a new base at Stansted Airport, but the jet has been a frequent visitor to the UK over the past several months. And it is capable of carrying a payload equivalent to ten battle tanks or somepoundskg. The An is the world's biggest aircraft and is the only one of its type and requires six engines to carry its massive loads.

Antonov designers had planned to make a second An, but it's sister plane remains partially built in a hangar in Kiev. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Comments 87 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Back to top Home News U.Whether you need to get an airliner across a continent without flying it, piggyback a space shuttle to its launch site, or ship Snoop Dog's oversized tour stage to Nigeriayou're going to need the world's biggest and strongest aircraft: the Antonov An The Antonov An Mriya is, quite simply, the largest airplane in the world.

At feet in length with a foot wingspan and a maximum takeoff weight of tons, it dwarfs 's. When it debuted inthe An was 50 percent bigger than any airliner ever built before it. It remains the largest operational aircraft in terms of length and wingspan to this day.

The An is based on the earlier An "Ruslan", however it includes additional turbofan engines, a reinforced floor, and stronger, wheel landing gear set than its predecessor. In all, the An utilizes six Progress D turbofans, each producing 51, lbf of thrust to haul its massive loads of cargo.

This massive plane holds the world records airlifting a single-item payload—a gas power station generator weighingpounds—and for airlifting a total payload ofpounds. The An loads and unloads through its nose—the rear ramp and cargo door were removed to save weight—and actually kneels using its retractable nosegear, allowing deliveries to drive directly into the cargo bay and more easily position loads.

The Mriya also differs from the earlier Ruslan in its tail assembly. The An uses a split, twin tail—rather than the single vertical fin—that allows it to carry large external items up topounds.

The first, and only, An completed made its maiden flight in December A second Mriya was roughly 65 percent completed and plans had been laid for the construction of several more Ans when the Soviet Union collapsed in The Buran space program was cancelled, as were the contracts with Antonov, so the only 1.

After seven years under wraps, the full An was pulled out of cold storage and refurbished for commercial use carrying oversized payloads long distances. But given that the company has just restarted the production of its Ans, the An might not be that far behind. The A.

Antonov An-22

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Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.On Sunday, May 15,just before P. It was the first time it had come to Australia and aviation enthusiasts gathered in the tens of thousands to see its historic touchdown. The crowds eagerly waiting for the plane to arrive waited much longer than planned; as it was delayed by nearly two hours. The plane had scheduled stops to refuel across the Middle East and Asia. Its final leg was the 4, kilometer journey from Kuala Lumpur to Perth.

The plane was carrying a ton generator from Prague. In fact, it is the record-holder for carrying the most cargo weight ever by air. What has captured the imaginations of many is the combination of its size and the variety of impressive cargo that it has transported.

The Antonov 225

Its longest load was a turbine blade that was 42 meters long. Eyre noted that it has carried disaster relief supplies for humanitarian missions, as well. Its ability to carry so much at one time has made it a valuable support when disasters strike.

The crowd gathered for its Perth arrival were there for different reasons.

antonov 225 crash afghanistan

They began to arrive early in the morning, hoping to get a good view of the aircraft. There was a chain link separating them from the landing strip, but they pressed against it, as if wishing to see better would make the fence disappear.

The weather had not been good early in the day, with people waiting in the rain. But just hours before the Antonov landed, the skies cleared and sunshine prevailed. Many brought their young children to see the plane. Both parents and children alike had never seen such a huge airplane.

It felt like the chance of a lifetime, and this brought a lot of excitement to the crowd. Some enthusiasts had been chasing planes to watch them land for years.

For them, this was not the first time to see a large plane. But, this one was rare, and they had not seen it yet. Some were surprised that its landing was graceful and not as loud as they had expected. Some compared it to the landing of aand felt that this plane was not as loud. One woman drove for 7 hours to be able to see the spectacle.

antonov 225 crash afghanistan

She had anticipated its amazing landing, and came to see an airplane that was bigger than she had ever seen before. It has the largest wingspan of any plan operating, and it is the heaviest and longest aircraft that has ever been built.

The plane has six engines, it has two tails, and it is impressive to see such a huge thing flying. It is capable of carrying more than tons of cargo; with locomotives being some of the more mind-boggling items. The Mriya served as the first stage in the aerial launch of the Energiya space ship, which propelled the Bouran space shuttle, weighing tons into orbit.Until the Boeing Fthe An was, for thirty years, the world's heaviest gross weight production cargo airplane and second heaviest operating cargo aircraftbehind the one-off Antonov An Mriya a greatly enlarged design based on the An During development it was known as Izdeliye Product in house, and An in the West.

First flown incivil certification was issued on 30 December In Augustit was reported that plans to resume joint production of the Antonov An had been shelved due to the ongoing political tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The various operators of the An are in discussions with respect to the continuing airworthiness certification of the individual An planes. Military operators are able to self-certify the airworthiness of their own aircraft, but Russian civil operators must find a credible outside authority for certification if Ukraine is unable or unwilling to participate in the process.

Its largest planes consisted of about 50 Antonov An turboprops, which were used heavily for tactical roles. The An was manufactured in parallel by two plants: the company Aviastar-SP ex. Design work started in and construction of facilities began in Manufacturing on the first airframe began in The first flight took place in December and the first exposure to the West followed in at the Paris Air Show.

In the early s, Volga-Dnepr upgraded its freighters with engine improvements to meet Chapter 4 noise regulations, structural improvements to increase service life, and avionics and systems changes for four persons operations down from six or seven.

antonov 225 crash afghanistan

Russia and Ukraine agreed to resume the production in the third quarter of It is expected that Russia will purchase 20 new aircraft. As of lateAns are being upgraded by the Aviastar-SP plant in UlyanovskRussia, with three upgraded planes due to be ready by This would likely provide a range increase, and Volga-Dnepr Group operates 12 aircraft, implying a engines with spares program.

In JanuaryAntonov revealed its plans to restart the An production without support from Russia. The design was detailed in January before Wind tunnel testing scheduled for August—September. It should be produced at the Aviastar-SP factory in Ulyanovsk but would be a difficult investment without substantial foreign orders.

It would be larger at Two fuselages are planned, one for Volga-Dnepr with a width of 5. Externally, the An is similar to the American Lockheed C-5 Galaxyhaving a double fuselage to allow for a rear cargo door on the lower fuselage that can open in flight without affecting structural integrity.

Instead of the Galaxy's T-tailthe An uses a conventional empennagesimilar in design to that of the Boeing Facebook Twitter Email. Kiev, Ukraine CNN — On the outskirts of Kiev, somewhere between the city's Nyvky and Sviatoshyn metro stations, sits a drab industrial building that you could drive past a thousand times without guessing it contains an extraordinary secret.

Inside can be found the unfinished chapter of one of the greatest feats of Soviet aviation ever conceived. The only clue is the building's size. It's gargantuan. It needs to be. Because it contains something equally vast -- the largest airplane that was never completed. The aircraft is an Antonov An, conceived by Soviet engineers in the dying days of the Cold War as a gigantic, gravity-defying workhorse that would help communism's ongoing race into space and assert the East's dominance of the skies.

The Antonov AN is the biggest airplane in the world. Mriya's wingspan measures feet, that's longer than five semi-truck trailers set end-to-end. Only one An was ever built by the Kiev-based Antonov company, which came up with the design.

Romantically named Mriya, Ukranian for dreamit first took flight in and has been in service ever since, drawing crowds of admirers wherever it spreads its huge wings. Construction was begun on a second plane, a sister for this aerial leviathan.

But while Mriya is breaking world records in the skies, her twin still lies in pieces, only able to dream about leaving the ground. The fate of Mriya's hidden sister is a fascinating story about big ambitions and even bigger frustrations caught up in the turbulent history of modern Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The story isn't over though. Antonov remains optimistic it'll get the second An off the ground. It recently granted CNN Travel an exclusive tour of the half-built aircraft, an intriuging glimpse at the legacy of one of the marvels of the modern aviation world. The An is stored in a huge hangar alongside other semi-built aircraft.

antonov 225 crash afghanistan

Reaching the unfinished An's hangar involves being escorted by car through the vast industrial landscape west of Kiev that Antonov occupies. Entering the building is like stepping into a cathedral of mechanics -- it's surprisingly calm and tranquil. The cavernous, endless space swallows up the machinery and airplane parts within.

Workers can occasionally be glimpsed in the distance, but the sound of their activity is lost, absorbed by the giant metallic structure.

Towering over everything is the massive fuselage of the unfinished An It's a beast of a thing. If ever completed, it will have a length of 84 meters feet -- a whole 9 meters longer than the world's largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A superjumbo.

It's an impressive sight, although it is slightly depressing to see this potentially majestic airplane in pieces.

The wings that would give it a span of The nose gear, a mechanism the size of a house, is also nearby. The story of the An begins back in the and '70s when the Soviet Union was locked in a race into space with the United States. By the end of the s, the need arose for transporting large and heavy loads from their places of assembly to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the sprawling spaceport in the deserts of Kazakhstan that was the launchpad for Yuri Gagarin's pioneering space voyage of