48v power supply circuit diagram

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48v power supply circuit diagram

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. What kind of material of transformer9 A. Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. The purpose of PFC is to improve the ratio of apparent power and real power.

The power factor is only 0. In PFC models, the power factor can reach above 0. SMPS power supply circuit 12v 24v 48v switch mode power supply w. Support imprint your logo on our products and let your LOGO shine anywhere, win more customers. Q:Can you provide a sample to me9 A: We will provide you the free sample for testing. Then help you satisfy your customers and keep your customers, to make you stronger in your market. Single output v to 48v w Switching led power supply.

We take the time to answer questions and ensure that our clients understand all there is to know about our products. Single output dc 48v7. AC VV to dc 12v W 20A switching mode power supply adapter charger ac power supply with aluminum case for rgb led. Protections: short circuit, over load, over temp, 3. Build-in EMI filter with tiny ripple 4.

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LRS single output ac to dc 48v w metal case cctv power supply. EU AU v v ac 48v 12v dc switching power supply. About product and suppliers: power supply circuit v 48v products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. A wide variety of power supply circuit v 48v options are available to you, There are suppliers who sells power supply circuit v 48v on Alibaba.Here is a low-ripple and low-noise 48V regulated phantom power supply for an audio preamplifier and driver.

Such power supplies require well-filtered, low-ripple and low-noise output voltage with current less than mA. These are relatively rare and expensive. Presented here is a simple and low-cost solution suitable for many applications including test equipment and audio applications. The circuit diagram of the 48V regulated power supply with low ripple and low noise is shown in Fig. TL is a high-voltage adjustable voltage regulator that can provide voltage from 1.

Its internal reference voltage is 1. That is why the value of resistor R7 is 82ohm 1. Maximum power dissipation of TL depends on TO package and its heat-sink. Output voltage of TL can be calculated using the approximate relationship:. AC mains input is protected with fuse F1. Mains AC voltage may have significant noise. Capacitors C5, C6, C7 and C8 filter the rectified voltage.

Also, C9 and C10 reduce the noise from IC1. Resistors R7 and R8 fix output regulated voltage Vout. LED1 shows the presence of output voltage. After assembling the circuit on the PCB, enclose it in a suitable cabinet.

Fix transformer X1 on the body of the cabinet, and connect its primary and secondary on the PCB. Now he is working as an electronics engineer in the private sector in Bulgaria.

Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Sunday, April 12, Advertise Contact About Magazine. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Electronics For You. The Electronics Of Paranormal Manifestations. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! IOT Zone. Popular circuits! Four-Channel Video and Audio Sequencer.This circuit presents a simple and low-cost DC-to-DC converter for phantom power supplies used in mixing consoles, microphone preamplifiers, telephone systems and similar equipment.

There are many application circuits that require 24V and 48V phantom power supplies, but these DC power supplies are costly and not easily available. Fuse F1 protects the circuit from any continuous over-current input. Diode D1 protects the circuit from reverse input voltage. Resistor R2 limits the maximum switching current to around 1. Resistor R3 limits the current for the inbuilt driver transistor of IC1. This current should be below mA. Output voltage is around 48V and can be adjusted with R4.

It can be calculated using the approximate relationship:. Output current is up to around 50mA, which is enough for several applications including microphone amplifiers.

Voltage on pin 5 of IC1 should be equal to internal reference voltage or around 1. Schottky diode D2 should preferably be rated at least V. C4 and C5 are the first filtering capacitors. The circuit does not need any adjustment. Now he is working as an electronics engineer in the private sector in Bulgaria. I want the output voltage to be stepped up to v from 24v and current should be 2 amps. Can you suggest some ideas using this circuit.

Vce of A output transistor is rated for 40V max. So this circuit can be used for output voltage less than 40V, by the diode drop and the output ripple voltage. Hii Sir, This is vijay. I am an Engineering Student. We have microprojects. So we decided to do your project. So you have uploaded the pdf format of pcb layout.This circuit idea is certainly not new, but when it comes to making a trade-of between using a small, short-circuit proof transformer or a capacitive voltage divider directly from V mains voltage as the Here is the circuit diagram of regulated power supply.

It is a small power supply that provides a regulated voltage, adjustable between 1. This circuit is ready to use, The supply or rather bias voltage is applied over both wires of the balanced screened cable via two 6k8 resistors see reference [1] Small inexpensive wall tranformers with variable output voltage are available from any electronics shop and supermarket.

Those transformers are Here is the simple virtual ground circuit based on discrete components. This simple design comes from miniaturization guru Sijosae. Is to make a buffer from generic discrete components. The transistors can be most any complementary However, it has other applications. It is designed to provide an output of volts, with a current of up to 1-amp. In the event of This is a 1-amp variable-voltage PSU.

It adjusts from about 3v to 24v: and has the added feature that you can limit the maximum output current. This is invaluable when for example you power-up a This circuit allows you to set a limit on the maximum output current available from your PSU. It's very useful when you power-up a project for the first time - or carry out a soak-test Here they exist two regulator circuits, that use the IC L, as regulator of voltage and current, the company SGS-Thomson, which give these circuits.

In circuit Fig. Subscribe This category All posts.Pin 3 which is the inverting input of the IC is referenced with a fixed voltage of 4. The preset is set in such a way that the voltage at pin 2 rises above the 4. The moment this happens, the output of the opamp goes low switching OFF the mosfet, and cutting off the voltage to the battery.

Initially as ling as the battery voltage and the over all voltage from the 48V supply remains below the full charge threshold level of the battery, the output of the opamp stays high and the mosfet us kept switched ON. This allows the voltage to the battery for charging, until the above explained threshold is reached which automatically inhibits the battery from further charging.

NOTE : You will have to connect the battery first and then switch ON the input supply, otherwise the mosfet will fail to initiate for the charging process.

Make sure the green LED remains illuminated after power switch ON, this will confirm the charging status of the battery. The modifications enables the circuit to switch OFF the battery charging process at the set over charge threshold and restore back the process when the battery voltage falls below the low threshold value.

The 10k preset must be adjusted to set the full charge level while the 22k preset for detecting the lower threshold of the battery. This will prevent the op amp offset voltage from reaching the BC base and false triggering. For setting up procedure, the sample power supply should be connected across the points where the battery is connected, the mosfet does not require any attention initially.

DO NOT connect the battery while carrying out this procedure. Seal the adjusted preset with some glue. Please note that during actual operations, the above circuit will remain functional only as long as a battery stays connected at the shown points, without a battery the circuit will not detect or respond.

I have a v solar panel setup which is charging a 48v 78ah battery. What I want is when my battery is fully charged that is it reaches to 54v the battery charging stops and the supply which is coming from the solar panels is directed to another port from which we can charge any other device connected to the port. Once it reaches 48v the battery again starts charging on solar panels and the supply to the other port is stopped.

If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! Your email:. Hi Swagatam, I would like to know if you have any ideal about Transformer less Li-ion battery charger circuit diagram of 48V, Amps output.

Programmable Power Supply 42V 6A

However, the ideal method is the transformer based only, which is the safest and the most reliable. Thanks for your prompt reply. Will follow your guidance and send you the feedback.

48v power supply circuit diagram

I once again truly appreciate your remarkable support. I have used IRF; but it is only for 23Amps. In the same manner i needi have 2 lithium phosphate battery one is 60v 24ah and othr is 72v 24ah batter for this i need same automatic charging i need circuit, if over charge auto cutoff. Can you make for me.

power supply circuit 230v 48v

Hi Sir, I am designing a charger for 48v, Ah Li-ion battery. Can you help me in the modifications that I need to make in your circuit? Thank You. Hi Sir, Still the led is not turning on After changing the resistor value to 10k near pin7. I had sent you the screenshot of my simulation through mail.My new project was inspired by programmable power supply, module Ruideng. It is fantastic, very powerful, precise and for reasonable price.

There are few models available, concerning output voltage and current. The newest ones are equipped with communication options USB and Bluetooth. Programmable - variable Power Supply described in this article, is dedicated for DIY electronic bench. It was originally based on Ruideng model DPS without communication. During writing my Instructable, modules with communication were introduced to the market.

I have added this option as version B. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. In my case, main part is programmable power supply Ruideng DPS This module contain colour LCD, which displays all necessary data. DPS was available for low price.

The module could provide maximum DC output 50V and current 15A. The best solution for this case, there is model DPS, communication version, I recommanded it. Any DPS module Ruideng require on its input some other power supply, switching or not switching with ability to deliver about 50V and 5A or more. This solution is very heavy and big size and not very efficient.

Switching power supply is more economical. Modules are connected in parallel on theirs inputs and in serial on outputs. Connections between all blocks is drown on picture above. On the left side, there is input V, main cable and main switch. These modules are connected in parallel on input, voltage AC V.

Both module are connected on their outputs in series and attached to the input of programmable PS. Each module deliver 24V DC, so total output voltage is 48V. There is not displayed thermistor on the picture. Thermistor with negative temperature coefficient, NTC is mount inside one of aluminium cooler.Latest Projects Education.

Power Electronics 12V to 48V power supply of up to 16A. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter crazybuoy Start date Oct 12, Search Forums New Posts.

Thread Starter crazybuoy Joined Sep 19, I have 12V16A from ATX power supply by collecting all yellow cables and same number of black cables on the other side. I want to convert it to 20, 25, I have searched schematics a lot but could not decide which one to use.

Please suggest me any circuit as small as possible. Scroll to continue with content. No such thing exists. You cannot create power.

48v power supply circuit diagram

At best you can convert voltages and currents with minimal losses of power. You cannot create extra power. You are wanting to convert the 12V to 48V. There are switch mode boost circuits that will do it but that will only give you 4A.

A 48V 16A supply needs to be rated at about Watts. You could look at something like this I searched for "W boost" on Ebay. Or this, a W one I want to create a similar circuit for this purpose on my own.

Please suggest one or two. Please check this variable power supply circuit. Can it provide output of 48V, A when using 12V 16A as input? That circuit cannot. That is a very simple circuit that can only drop the voltage and it is unregulated. Also it would waste a a lot of power as heat.

Build Your Own Low-Noise 48V Regulated Power Supply

What you are trying to do is not as simple. Look at. All this is possible to make but if you are new to electronics it is quite a challenge. Think lots of smoke! Here are some app note to start the calculations